Business Loan Program
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This Business Financing Program is a great choice for any Borrower that needs a Business Loan Only and is not purchasing Real Estate but has Real Estate as collateral.  This lending source welcomes applications from both Experienced and Start-up businesses but Down Payment Cash is required, no exceptions.  

Business Loan (P&I) Program 

 Loan Amount Min/Max: $1 Million - $5 Billion+

 Countries:  USA and friendly International Countries

- LTV/LTLA as high as 99.80% (depending on the loan request) **

- Fix rate from 3.5% to 5.5% Principal & Interest (P&I)

- Documentation:  SIVA (Stated Income Verified Assets)

- Any FICO Score

- No Appraisal required for your Collateral

- Weekly payouts

- MANDATORY Down Payment including Refinances

- Note: for Full Doc loans, the rates and terms are different


** Note on LTLA = (Loan To Value Loan Amount).  Lending source is not an Equity Base Lender.  Lender does not care about the equity in the project or how much the client has already put into the project.  Thus lender does not need an appraisal or financials, lending source bases LTV on the requested Loan Amount (LTLA) and not the value.  Must show proof of down payment prior to receiving the Approval Agreement.  For 2010 and beyond (Skin-in-the-Game) Down Payment rules!

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