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Wanted Energy Projects: $100M - $300B

We have a large Private Funding Group in the Oil & Gas Business (USA and friendly International Countries) that is actively seeking to fund on a Joint Venture (JV) basis Energy projects that fit their criteria:

                Range: $100M - $300B 

We are Seeking These Types of Energy Projects That Need a JV  Partner With  REAL FUNDS!   

  • GEOTHERMAL Projects! 

  • OIL REFINERIES Projects!

  • OIL TANK FARMS Projects!

For GeoThermal, Oil Refineries, and Oil Tank Farm Projects, send us a complete professional Executive Summary.  Conference call with this lender will be arranged after an initial review of the requested information.  Funding group must have direct access to client.

  •   Also: IN-GROUND OIL Proven Reserves Projects! **


** For In-Ground Oil Proven Reserves Projects, please answer these 8 questions and include your Executive Summary (condensed version i.e. 1-5 pages):

1.  Is the land leased, if so who holds the leases and when will they expire?

2.  Are there geology and seismic 3d reports available? If not than this lender is not interested in your project.

Do not submit 2d seismic reports, we need 3d!

3.  What are the estimated reserves vs the known reserves?

4.  Have any wells been drilled yet?

5.  Proximity to transportation; pipeline, rail, road or water?

6.  Are we direct to sellers, if not, what is the broker chain?

7.  Is the seller interested in a JV Partner?

8.  What is the asking price?

IMPORTANT If you are serious about securing funding/JV Partnership then,  email us an Executive Summary Overview (up to 5 pages), 3d Seismic and geological reports, along with answering  the above questions for initial review. Once we receive the requested documents, we will submit for review and approval, if the private funding group like your deal, they will want to speak directly to the Client and take them through the loan process.

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