USA & International Programs for 2011
Global Commercial Financing Solutions

Our company has access to fresh commercial capital programs that have truly unlimited maximums for most practical applications.  At this means that we are comfortable discussing projects that may require up to $20B or even $30B.

With this kind of capability it is refreshing to note that the smaller needs are not forgotten.  Our sources typically have a Domestic Minimum of just $500,000, which also applies to Canadian and Mexico projects within 100-200 miles of the USA border. Beyond that home area our International Minimum is typically $3M.  If you are tired of the runaround and the fake overseas programs, talk with us first.  Contact us about your:

*** Super-Jumbo commercial financing needs

*** $500,000 and up commercial loans for expansion, development, acquisition, or refinance

*** Your equity investment requirements

*** RE-FI'S ARE COMING DUE:  Billions of dollars in loans are coming due, the market has bottomed out, it's time to do short sales, refi's, acquisitions, and construction projects.

*Plan A - $100M+ to 100% LTV,  some $50M minimum.

• *Plan A2 - $1M+ to 80% LTV

• *Plan B - Up to $200M Business Loans and  Investments;      Early and Mid-Stage Companies OK

• *Plan C - Equity $50k to $100M+

• *Plan D - HUD Development loans up to $200M (USA)

*Plan E - $1M+ JV or Hard Money, Short Sales  for            International

*Plan F - $150,000 Minimum USA and $5 Million International CONVENTIONAL REFINANCING

• *Plan G - $5M to $75M Development Project Funding and      Refinancing to 75%

• *Plan H - Project Evaluation, Engineering and Consulting

• *Plan I - Hard Money or Bridge Loans from $300k

• *Plan J - Commercial Loan Modifications

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