USA & International USA Programs for 2011 Details
Global Commercial Financing Solutions

Our company has access to fresh commercial capital programs that have truly unlimited maximums for most practical applications.  At this means that we are comfortable discussing projects that may require up to $20B or even $30B.

PLAN A - $100 Million Minimum

100% debt funding including acquisition and soft costs for projects of $100 million or more. Combining government or insurance guarantees and pension funds, this is a strong and verifiable funding source for your jumbo and super-jumbo commercial loans. Great for many kinds of government and municipal projects too. A BRIDGE loan for quicker property acquisition funding may be available. ON OCCASION a strong project down to $50 Million may be considered.

PLAN A2 - $1 Million Minimum ($500k may be considered for strong situations)

70% loan to completed value depending upon strength and government support, this Conventional International DEBT funding is perfect for domestic or international projects of many types including municipal, infrastructure, business, and private projects. This can equate to up to 100% loan to cost financing.

 PLAN B - $5 Million Minimum to $200 Million

Business startup and expansion funding. Early and mid-stage companies are okay.

 PLAN C - $50,000 Minimum, $100 Million+ Maximum

Up to 100% equity funding for developments, acquisition, construction, oil, mines, and more.

PLAN D - HUD Development Loans (USA)

Up to $200 Million loans with up to 100% financing when combined with equity. 

 PLAN E - $1 Million or Less Minimum Opportunity JV's

JV and Hard Money Short Sale financing for international or domestic opportunities.

 PLAN F - $150,000 Minimum USA and $5 Million International

CONVENTIONAL REFINANCING at great rates for income-producing properties - save money, refinance now.***

 PLAN G - $5 Million to $75 Million or more 

Hedge Fund financing for international or domestic development funding and refinancing to 75% LTV.

 PLAN H - Project Evaluation, Engineering, and Consulting

For high LTV or higher risk plans. We start with a site visit, meet the borrowers in person, and devise a custom funding strategy if the project proves to have strength and potential. We also provide these consulting services to clients and outside companies:

  • Project Management
  • Project Development
  • Due Diligence
  • Engineering
  • Site Inspections


PLAN I - Hard Money or Bridge Loan Program

Funding needs based upon the collateral value and the ability to re-pay, domestic or international to $200M or more.

PLAN J - Commercial Loan Modifications

Let our professionals negotiate with your present lender for a short-sale payoff that brings your debt back in to a realistic percentage of today's asset value. 

*** RE-FI'S ARE COMING DUE:  Billions of dollars in loans are coming due, the market has bottomed out, it's time to do short sales, refi's, acquisitions, and construction projects.
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