Joint Venture Projects
Global Commercial Financing Solutions
         Principals Only! 

- Commercial Real Estate $100M and Up

- Alternative Energy Projects $100M and Up

- USA and stable International Countries

Developers and/or Builders will have a solid track record and Skin-in-the Game (10%-30%)

Developers and Builders, we have another very attractive Joint Venture funding option for you.  Please read the STRUCTURED FINANCE PROGRAM (see attach), on this funding program. 

We have a large Investment Fund that is investing in good large-scale development projects worldwide

They are interested in Commercial Real Estate and Alternative Energy Projects (Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)-Biogas-Biomass-Biofuel-Solar-Wind-Hydropower-Natural Gas-Ethanol-Butanol-Bio-Algae-Clean Coal). In general, the investment fund has three main criteria:

A. The project is New Construction/Development and is "Shovel-Ready" i.e. ready to break  ground within 60 days of approval,

B. Strong Financial Projections, and

C. The Development Team has a significant financial stake in the project and has experience in developing the type of project contemplated.

If you are serious about securing funding for your project and joint venture, please send the following required documents.

1. Preliminary Questionnaire completely filled-out (see attach)

2. Your Executive Summary on your project.

3. Your Financial Projections on your project.

The type of project that the funding group likes and will do, $100M and Up!, there truly is not a ‘Preferred’ Project Type.  If it is a strong project (with both a development team demonstrating experience and strong financial projections) we want to look at it. 

Once we receive the all three (3) of the above documents, we will submit for review and approval, if the funding group like your deal, they will want to speak directly to the Client and take them through the loan process. 

Attach:  Please request the following documents from us:


Preliminary Questionnaire
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