Refinance - Short Refi - Loan Mods - Negative Equity
Global Commercial Financing Solutions
Will consider Negative Equity Properties up to 103% LTV

               All Commercial Properties are Eligible!

                       Nationwide - USA Only

  This lender helps owners that owe more than what the appraised 

  value of their property is up to 103% Loan To Value (LTV).

  - Great for those in a Construction loan and need to refinance

  - Great for those facing Foreclosure

  - Great for those needing a Short Sale

  - Bank forced Refinance

  - Great for those needing an Interest Rate Reduction (IRR)

  - Great for those needing a Loan Modification

  - Great for those facing an adjustment to their ARM Loan

  - Great for a Maturing Loan

  Use for:


Minimum Loan Request: $50k

Maximum Loan Request: None

Term: Each client file is different

Interest Rate: We'll work on getting the rates lower so whatever it is, it should be lower if not the same rate.

Client/Borrower: Must have a Credit Score of at least 550 or greater, have been making mortgage payments on-time for the last 12 months, must get Mortgage protection coverage through the lender, and pay a non-refundable Review Fee of $500 regardless of loan size.

Broker Fee:  1 - 3 points depending on the file and complexity

Review Fee:  Upfront $500 fee to review your files and submit to lender.  This is a great program and we want to weed out those  that are not serious and are just shopping around.

Lender In-House Form: Yes, required

Pre-Qual Submission Form
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